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Rumania Hotels
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Hotel Silva Sibiu
Category: **
City: Hotels Sibiu
Room Rates: ( 60€ -  95€)  50€ - 85€
Short description hotel Sibiu:
Lovely appointed in Sub-Arini Park in Sibiu, Silva Hotel is at 10 min from historical medieval center of Sibiu, 3 km away from the railway and 5 km away from Sibiu international airport.
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Decebal HOTEL
Hotel Decebal Brasov
Category: **
City: Hotels Brasov
Room Rates: ( 35€ -  35€)  25€ - 25€
Short description hotel Brasov:
Hotel Decebal is the perfect choice for both business and leisure travelers, located in a quiet place, just 10 minutes away from the city center and 5 minutes from Brasov train station.
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Elegance Express HOTEL
Hotel Elegance Express Brasov
Category: **
City: Hotels Brasov
Room Rates: 27€ - 39€
Short description hotel Brasov:
Elegance Express Hotel, specially positioned Brasov Railway Train Station hosting over 150 passenger trains, potential customers of this hotel, come to stay in the mountain town.
more details
Lucy Star HOTEL
Hotel Lucy Star Cluj
Category: **
City: Hotels Cluj
Room Rates: 25€ - 30€
Short description hotel Cluj:
Lucy Star Hotel, a two-star accommodation space, located in Dambul Round District, entry in Cluj from Zalau invite you to relax and comfort.
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Hotel Sport Cluj
Category: **
City: Hotels Cluj
Room Rates: 28€ - 53€
Short description hotel Cluj:
Cluj Sport Hotel, located close to Central Park Chios, near Cluj Arena Municipal Stadium, within walking distance Babes Sports Park.
more details
Le Baron HOTEL
Hotel Le Baron Timisoara
Category: **
City: Hotels Timisoara
Room Rates: 27€ - 50€
Short description hotel Timisoara:
Hotel Le Baron located on the European road E70 is ideal for relaxation, but not limited to our clients as both tourists and businessmen.
more details
Hotel Sonne Sibiu
Category: **
City: Hotels Sibiu
Room Rates: 25€ - 38€
Short description hotel Sibiu:
Hotel Sonne located just 5 minutes from the airport is the ideal location both for business and for tourists eager to discover the beauty of Sibiu.
more details
Hotel Silva Timisoara
Category: **
City: Hotels Timisoara
Room Rates: 34€ - 43€
Short description hotel Timisoara:
Silva Hotel, one of the first private hotels in 1995, the year was also inaugurated at the beginning it was only a board of 7 rooms.
more details
Hotel Nord Timisoara
Category: **
City: Hotels Timisoara
Room Rates: 28€
Short description hotel Timisoara:
Hotel Nord, located close to North Station Timisoara, offers customers who will step into a two-star standard accommodation, upgraded rooms and a holiday atmosphere.
more details
Cameliei HOTEL
Hotel Cameliei Bucharest
Category: **
City: Hotels Bucharest
Room Rates: 25€ - 35€
Short description hotel Bucharest:
Cameliei Hotel, a prestigious building from the Romanian Capital, inaugurated in 2006, located downtown, just 7 minutes from North Station, near Matache Macelaru market.
more details
Zimbru HOTEL
Hotel Zimbru Cluj
Category: **
City: Hotels Cluj
Room Rates: ( 35€ -  40€)  25€ - 35€
Short description hotel Cluj:
Zimbru Hotel offers you the comfort and in the same time the intimacy and warmth of your own home. Located in a quiet neighborhood, away from the noises of a crowded city center...
more details
Nelisse HOTEL
Hotel Nelisse Bucharest
Category: **
City: Hotels Bucharest
Room Rates: 62€ - 109€
Short description hotel Bucharest:
A lovely hotel in Bucharest, Nelisse, close to Bucur Obor area, provides lodging services or short rentals in its single, double, twin rooms or suite at some of the lowest rates in Bucharest.
more details
Hotel Regal Costinesti
Category: **
City: Hotels Costinesti
Room Rates:
Short description hotel Costinesti:
Located in the Costinesti summer resort, Hotel Regal is the perfect place for a holiday gateway, offering the opportunity to reconnect, recover and renew your soul and body.
more details
Cindrel HOTEL
Hotel Cindrel Paltinis
Category: **
City: Hotels Paltinis
Room Rates:
Short description hotel Paltinis:
Cindrel Hotel in Paltinis, the most famous resort in Sibiu, and one of the nicest in Romania, is waiting its guests with familiar and cheap accommodation and quality travel services.
more details
Hotel Azur Eforie Nord
Category: **
City: Hotels Eforie Nord
Room Rates: 50€ - 70€
Short description hotel Eforie Nord:
Azur Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels at the seaside in Eforie Nord Resort, at about 10 minutes away from Black Sea cliff and from the center of the Eforie Nord town.
more details
Select HOTEL
Hotel Select Slobozia
Category: **
City: Hotels Slobozia
Room Rates: 50€ - 108€
Short description hotel Slobozia:
Select Hotel is one of the best accommodation units in Slobozia. Centrally located, with plenty of rooms, you will spend a great time during your corporate visits or holiday in Slobozia.
more details
Hotel Forum Ploiesti
Category: **
City: Hotels Ploiesti
Room Rates:
Short description hotel Ploiesti:
Permanent reception, guarded parking, free internet access, cozy rooms...all guarantee the booking in Ploiesti and your great time if you plan your vacation on Prahova Valley.
more details
Category: **
City: Hotels Bacau
Room Rates: ( 43€ -  50€)  30€ - 35€
Short description hotel Bacau:
New apartment in downtown Bacau, fully equipped: living room with TV, special areas for dining, smoking, internet access (dedicated computer or personal computer using wireless), bathroom with shower, central heating.
more details
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Our clients comments:
Guillermo (Madrid Spain) - 4/9/2008
This descricion is real far away from a terror movie. Motanul Galanton PENSION Firs of all I would said that the only problem that I have in Rumania whit a pension whas the next one. I have been in others in Sighisoara (Transilvania) for example and it where really good. But this is another description. 2 th april 2008, 11 pm, Me and a friend where close to Bucarest airport looking for a pension to avoid the previsible problems due to NATO miting in Bucarest. When we arrived to the pension the treat in the recepcion was good, no problem. The room was fine as well. The problems apears later, at 12am in the night, the music in the recepcion was really high, imposible to sleep. We where to speak with the recepcionist and we find a small party in the saloon, 7 people totally drunk, but we explained to the reception man that we want to sleep, he said that there was no problem, they where going to reduce the volume of the music. We returned to our room, the music was reduced but was not enought so at 2am in the night we went again to said that whit this sound was impossible to sleep. We explained to the recepcionist and the manager of the pension, whom where totally drunk that we where spanish and we understand party but we thought that at that hour (thuesday 2am in a pension) it was no reasonable and that we wanted the total stop of the noise. The answer where that the only posibilitie was to change the room, not to stop the party or the noise. We answered that it was not enought and in this case we want back our money. Far away of apologized they( 7 people drunk) begun to insult us, they put the maximun volume etc etc, it is no easy in a foreing country to speak with this kind of people. What can you do when the manager of a pension insult you totally drunk and said that this is a pension and is not a hotel so they can do what ever he want? We said them that we where going to call the police, they laughted of us and said us that the police was their friend. As we didnt want more problems, we returned to our new room that they given us where of course the noise was horrible. We try to rest, but you can imagine....and the next day early in the morning we discover a little present from them in our rent car, one of the tire was punctured. This is what you can find in Motanul Galanton PENSION, absolutly not recommended.
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